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Kohler Engine Torque Specs

Posted by Hydro Harry
Jul 26, 1998

I found a Kohler K series graph chart in a book by Paul Dempsey which shows:
K301(12hp) peak torque 22.25ft lbs @2200 rpm.
 Also max. brake hp is 12@35-3600rpm but torque is 17.5ft lbs. at this point.

Others interested are:

K241(10hp) peak torque 16.5ft lbs @2400rpm, and max. brake hp is 10@3600rpm torque is 14.5ft lbs.
K321(14hp) peak torque is 23.5ft lbs @2400rpm and max. brake hp is 14@3600rpm torque is 20.5ft lbs.
The BIG K341(16hp) peak torque is 28.25ft lbs. @2600rpm with max. brake hp 16@3500rpm torque is 23.5ft. lbs.