Cub Cadet FAQ's

QA Snowthrower Upgrade

Lets start off by saying this!

Unless you really know your thrower and really know how to use it.


Here's one of the pulleys that was sent to me last winter.
The guys wife had to have the missing piece from the pulley removed from her hip!

QA throwers were not designed to spin at the higher RPM's that the smaller pulley
makes them turn. Therefore you MUST take all precautions before doing this.

If you do go to a smaller pulley, don't go less than a 3" CAST IRON/STEEL pulley
 and it's really a REAL good idea to do a complete rebuild of your thrower!
 Bearings, chain, sprocket and u-joints.

My Suggestion would be to go with a 3 1/2" pulley to start with.

Also, eyeballing the pulleys to see if they are straight with one another
will NOT work. Use a straight edge and make sure that they are perfectly
in line with one another with the thrower setting in ground ready to throw snow.

I'll say this again!
They were not designed to spin that fast! So every precaution should be taken.
And a check of everything before and after every use is highly advised!
Grease is your best buddy, who cares if ya fling it down the street, it will wipe off anything.

ALSO make sure that you check your thrower OFTEN to make sure things are
still in the right places and that nothing is cracked, broken or bent.

Perfection is the key to this and you must PAY ATTENTION!!!!

If and when you get everything right, you too can BLOW snow with the big boys.