Cub Cadet FAQ's

Throttle shaft Repair & Modifications

I was at a tractor show years ago and ran across a 40 year veteran of Kohler that headed the return/repair/warranty division and he told me about what they did for throttle shaft repair and also sold me the little do-hickies to do it with.

So you have a worn out throttle shaft hole!

You take one of these little multi layered washers.

And insert it into the carb body hole.

And you end up with a tight fit for your throttle shaft that will last for years and years because of the multi metal layered washer.

I did my first one 5 years ago and it's still tight and even if they do wear out, just pop the washer and install a fresh one. There's no need to use any adhesive as they are a tight fit.
And if you have a real bad shaft, and the carb body is still good you just use two washers to take up the slop in the shaft.