Cub Cadet FAQ's

Ring Installation Instructions


Prior to installing the rings they should be placed in the bore, one at a time, to check the end gaps.
 Place each ring in the bore and push it down slightly with the piston in the upside down position to square them up in the bore. The resulting end gap may be measured with a feeler gage.

If the gap is too tight, open it up till it meets specs with a ring filer or with a small file
 with the ring clamped in a vise.

First on the piston should be the expander, followed by the two thin oil rings.

Line the gap on the expander up with the wrist pin and the gaps on the oil rings about an inch to either side, one to the left and one to the right. Be extra careful not to overlap the ends of the expander.

The oil rings need to seat on the tiny little tabs on the expander, forming an assembly. The oil ring assembly will appear too large to fit in the bore but it will compress easily with a ring compressor.

Next up is the cast second ring with the inside chamfer facing up,
place it's gap about 120 degrees away from the wrist pin/oil ring gap.

The top chrome ring goes on with the chamfer or dot facing up, place it's gap the other 120 degrees away from the oil ring gap.

 This should place all of the ring gaps as far away from each other as is possible, giving you the best seal.