Cub Cadet FAQ's

Operation Neutral Adjust for Hydro's

To fix it, here's what you need:

Socket for tunnel cover, 9/16 wrench, punch, and LFH.

Take off the tunnel cover:

Next loosen the two bolts holding the linkage. They have a "U" in the top and bottom. Pull the linkage all the way to the top and "snug" up the top bolt.

Jack up the tractor so both wheel rears are off the ground. BLOCK that baby so she can't move - wheels and side to side so it won't tip. Move all valuables away from tractor.

Start tractor and throttle up about a quarter. Use hammer and punch to tap down linkage until wheels stop turning. Shut her down and tighten both bolts. Lower tractor. Replace tunnel cover.
Enjoy trouble free operation. Celebrate by spinning donuts in gravel. (optional)

The book says With the tractor raised off the ground to raise the cam bracket to the top, loosely tighten the bolts and then I believe they leave out to put it in neutral, then start the engine and tap the Cam bracket down until the wheels stop turning.

Then they say to put it in forward and then step on the brake to put it back in neutral, lock it and if the hydro is straining to punch the cam bracket up or down to stop it.

Also the speed control cam (neutral return) should not bottom out when you push the brake down, if it does you need to adjust the clevis on the neutral return rod.

Once you get the cam bracket adjusted you can adjust the linkage to the speed control lever. If there is much wear on the control linkage you will never get the lever to return to neutral from both Forward and Reverse, you just have to go for a happy medium.