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Quietline Hydro Handle Slop Fix

Info Posted on By Richard Christensen

On the slop in your linkage, some slop is normal with a 30 year old machine, but if it is too much you will get a speed change going up and down hill even if your trunion bracket is perfect. When you are working the hydro hard there is always pressure on the trunion shaft and all that prevents it from changing is the friction setting on your speed control lever and the linkage in between so if the linkage has a lot of slop you will experience a speed change.

You need to find where the slop is. I usually start with cleaning and adjusting the friction control to the manual specs. Check that the bracket holding the speed control is mounted solid, sometimes I find the bolts holding it are loose allowing it to flex. Then you should have a bracket with two ball joints, the earlier models were different, I clean and lube them and if too bad they can be replaced.

Then check the two ball joints on the lower arm.