Cub Cadet FAQ's

Hydro Transmission Problems

Info By Richard Christensen & Matt Gonitzke

Usually when I find a Cub that Lurches or jumps in acceleration when the springs and end pins are okay, I will find one of two problems.

1. The Trunion bracket has a notch worn in the end of the bracket.

2. The side bracket and the trunion bracket have been painted or there is rust between them
 that does not allow the two brackets to move independently.

Whenever you move the hydro control quickly either forward or reverse the side plate responds immediately
 with only the small spring causing the trunion bracket to follow with a slight lag to reduce the quick change,
 when you reach the point of the large spring taking over it is direct movement.

 If you have rust between the two brackets or someone paints the brackets they are linked together
 and you will not like the results, that is what the two different springs are for.

Another problem when the trunion bracket has a notch in the end the end pin will catch momentary
 and then snap free causing erratic operation.

You should be able to hold the trunion bracket and move the side bracket back and forward and feel
 the smooth movement and the point where the big spring takes over.


Part Number 1 usually wears on the trunion shaft and gets really loose.
 Lately, my hydro linkage problems on most of my hydros, 1450 and 1650 included,
 have been this, and not a worn trunion slot.

 Get some 5/8" ID by .010" thick shims, and add them between #1 and the snap ring
 until you can't get the snap ring on, then remove one shim and install the snap ring.

 That should fix your problems. I welded up the trunion on my 1450, and it wasn't fixed until I did this.
 You could also replace that cam plate, but this will do about the same thing.