Cub Cadet FAQ's

Adjusting D600 Valves

Information supplied by our resident diesel expert

Joe Persoon 

The timing marks are on the circumference of the flywheel next to the ring gear.
Clean off the flywheel with fine sand paper or emery cloth as the marks are not etched very deep in the flywheel.

Find the "1TC" mark on the flywheel. Next find the mark on the starter mounting plate.
Looking at the face of the flywheel, the mark on the starter plate will be at around the 3 o'clock position.

It is a horizontal mark about 3/4" long. Bring timing mark "1TC" up to the mark on the starter plate.
Remove the valve cover and check the rocker arms on #1 cylinder.

 If both rocker arms are relaxed or loose, with no tension on the valve springs,#1 cylinder is on TDC.
If there is tension on the valve springs the engine is one revolution off from TDC.

Adjust the valves by the corresponding chart as to which revolution of the engine you are on,
the rotate the engine 360* and adjust the rest of the valves. Specification on valve clearance is .0059"-.0071". 

Set them using a .006" feeler gauge with a slight drag when adjusted.

Lock down adjusting screw with lock nut and recheck clearance.