Cub Cadet FAQ's

Hydro Pump Gasket Replacement

Information Stolen from IHCUBCADET.COM
and wonderfully written up by Gerry (Kendall) Ide,
on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - 07:15 pm:


After about fifteen years, I decide to replace the leaking cork gasket between the hydro pump and the differential case
 on my 129. Most of the work involves preparing to split the tractor, removing the transaxle from the frame.

While this is shown in the repair manual, I thought I'd take pictures as I did it (I've spared you though,
I took more than 100 altogether). While there are differences in the many IHC Cub models, including internal brakes,
 the process should be pretty close on all. Make sure you've got a drain pan under the transaxle.....

The text on the photo covers the label, it's Permatex Anerobic Gasket Maker.

Reassemble in reverse order - watch the rods that are hanging loose when you push the transaxle back into the frame,
they can get trapped.

Don't forget to top off the Hytran.