Cub Cadet FAQ's

Carburetor Info

Check the carb settings, make sure you're not running it too lean under a load.
Kohlers always like to run a little on the rich side, especially if tuned with no load.

Warm it up, tune it, then verify the settings with the deck running
Lean (CW) until is cuts out, rich (CCW) until it loads up, 1/2 way between,
then about a 1/4 turn back to the rich side (CCW). And then recheck idle settings.

Too lean of a carb means a hot runner.

The part numbers for the carb assembly from Cub Cadet for Kohlers are as follows:

Part# for 16hp/K341 carb assembly: KH-45-853-09
Part# for 14hp/K321 carb assembly: KH-47-853-30
Part# for 12hp/K301 carb assembly: KH-47-853-22
Part# for 10hp/K241 carb assembly: KH-47-853-22